November 1, 2009No Comments

Silent City

Brian Harnetty, 2009
These recordings were a collaboration between friend Brian Harnetty and Will Oldham, whose music I greatly admire. In the spirit of collaboration the album artwork was the result of another one, between myself and Nathaniel Parsons. We created a set of photographs which set a mood and tone that the design followed.

June 30, 2007No Comments

Dark Undercoat

Emily Jane White, 2007
The design was inspired by photographs taken of her by Cam Archer.

January 5, 2006No Comments

Stephen Malkmus

I was asked to redesign the website for Stephen Malkmus. I wrapped everything into a one-page design and skinned it to more or less match the latest album release. We are currently working on another redesign, set for launch this summer. Visit ยป

January 1, 2006No Comments

Kill You With Numbers

Our Lady of the Highway, 2006
Dominic East asked me to design and create artwork for their third release. I wanted to do something a bit surrealist that used my own photographs, collaged with other imagery. The type treatment was inspired by some signage I saw near Mt. Shasta.