November 1, 2009No Comments

Silent City

Brian Harnetty, 2009
These recordings were a collaboration between friend Brian Harnetty and Will Oldham, whose music I greatly admire. In the spirit of collaboration the album artwork was the result of another one, between myself and Nathaniel Parsons. We created a set of photographs which set a mood and tone that the design followed.

December 15, 2008No Comments

Odopod Holiday Card

Odopod asked me design the 2008 holiday card. Since the studio's donation was to the school lunch program for lower income students, we decided that the visual should be a carton of milk. I created a design that would allow me to utilize alternative printing methods such as letterpress and print gocco. I was very pleased with the way it turned and it was nice to get back to my printmaking roots.

June 1, 2003No Comments

Good Together

I ran my own bag and accessories business from 2003 to 2006 called Good Together. My mom and I designed and manufactured all of the products, and I photographed, designed and printed all of our packaging and promotional materials. Our products were featured in ReadyMadeVenusBust and Lucky magazines. Nathaniel Parsons kindly created the identity.