June 30, 2011No Comments

Nike Soccer

At Odopod I worked on the Nike Soccer account for two years, creating designs for site pages, emails, videos and wallpapers. Oftentimes I was given a library of assets from which to compose my designs, but was given lot of liberty to add elements of my own markmaking which made the design process expressive and fun.

December 15, 2008No Comments

Odopod Holiday Card

Odopod asked me design the 2008 holiday card. Since the studio's donation was to the school lunch program for lower income students, we decided that the visual should be a carton of milk. I created a design that would allow me to utilize alternative printing methods such as letterpress and print gocco. I was very pleased with the way it turned and it was nice to get back to my printmaking roots.

June 1, 2008No Comments


Over the course of a long collaboration, CLIF Bar and Odopod created a site that truly reflected the spirit and brand of CLIF Bar's products and community. As design lead I was responsible for setting the visual language of the site, producing a library of assets for other designers to use, creating many unique page designs and leading the team of designers and developers during implemention.

Pixel Awards Nominee

February 1, 2006No Comments

Target Back To School

One of my first projects at Odopod was to design the site for the annual "Back to College" campaign on Target's website. Taking cues from the campaign's branding, I extended the visual language into pages that created fun ways for college students and parents to explore and purchase products.