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Don Q LadyData

Don Q is the number one rum in Puerto Rico, the land of rum. But it's not yet well-known in the US. The strategic brains at Undercurrent came to Odopod with a plan to help the brand change that, by giving its audience of young men something they're in dire need of: female perspective. We developed this plan into a platform: LadyData. It's powered by the opinions of a team of female insiders, lending their intuition to crucial man-topics like style, careers, manners and, of course, sex and dating. The site is an unexpected blend of data, entertainment and utility. It's built to grow, with new opinions and ladies being added all the time. Most importantly, it's relevant and engaging - a refreshing standout in a stale category.

I was involved from the beginning concept phase into the design phase. During the design phase I led a team which created user interface and visual design studies. Once a design direction was chosen I was solely responsible for creating page designs for both the LadyData microsite and the rum product site. I also helped by formatting the css for flash-disabled platforms. Visit »

Communication Arts Webpick of the Week

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Chrome Bags Website Redesign

Odopod collaborated with Chrome Bags to evolve their brand. We delivered brand guidelines, a library of lifestyle photography and a website.

I was also involved from the initial branding explorations, into the website design phase and later in creating lifestyle images

Initial branding explorations: