Cutwater came to Odopod for the launch of their new campaign for Nvidia, Speak Visual, a celebration of all the dazzling eye-candy Nvidia technologies make possible. We shot video portraits profiling a diverse group of influential visual creators and created a gallery where others could have their work showcased. The entire experience was a 3D environment with a unique sense of spatial integrity. It was created using a mix of Flash, Papervision and Five3D technologies.

As senior designer I was responsible for making page designs that were then passed onto the flash development team. I also edited all of the artist videos and audio in the "spotlight" section.

Communication Arts Interactive Annual 16 • Horizon Interactive: Gold • One Show Interactive: Silver • Webby Awards Peoples Voice Winner • FITC Awards Winner • SXSW Winner • .Net Awards: Interactive Site of the Year • Communication Arts Webpick of the Week • FWA Site of the Day