May 18, 2012No Comments

Career Change

I'm really excited to announce that I'll be an Associate Creative Director at American Giant, an apparel startup that makes mens basics, right out of San Francisco. I love the brand, the people, and cannot wait to help make it a success. I'm ready to break from agency life, and this feels like the perfect move.

My primary role will be to guide and shape the look & feel of the brand, through all its channels, which includes the website, printed materials, advertising and in-store experience. I'll be involved in all aspects of the work, from strategy to conception to execution.

Honestly this work feels like fun to me, which hasn't really ever happened, so I'm pretty stoked.

February 13, 2012No Comments

My World These Days

Josh and I are in love with our house. Every day we discover more corners to devote love & attention to. It's a lot of work but totally worth it.

The biggest project so far has been to repaint the back stairwell (20 foot ceilings!) and re-hang old and new artwork in it. I've always had tons of art on the walls in every place I've lived, and I've still got wallspace, so the collection continues. I'm especially excited about the Michael Gillette piece "Joko", Rodarte-designed poster for one of my favorite films, Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, and a photograph by Laura Plageman. Nice to mix in pieces amongst all the work by Nathaniel Parsons.

Other big projects on the horizon are refinishing the front door (complete with commissioned stained glass window by Ted Ellison) and painting the front steps/railing.

Our garden has awoken and has started to say hello too. Bright purple crocuses planted two winters ago have returned, and daffodils and tulips from two years ago & this past winter are peeking out too. I think it's going to be a glorious spring in the backyard.

& of course there's fantasy basketball, which is my biggest obsession. For those who are interested, my team formally known as "Tha Nub" now known as "Linoleum" (everyone in our league has a team know paying homage to Jeremy Lin), is still IN FIRST - first since the beginning of the season. But this week that may all change since I am doing battle with Joanna's team, who is only 2.5 games back in second. Say a prayer for the nub, won't you?

January 3, 2012No Comments

For 2012

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