I was fortunate to visit Tokyo this year during cherry blossom season, to shoot photos and videos for the new RX100. I brought along my a7 (not R, not S), the full frame Sony 35mm Zeiss, and Canon EF 24-70. I also took my RX100 II, thinking I'd need something more compact exploring Tokyo on my own. I ended up not shooting a lick with the RX100 since the a7+35mm is so compact and light. I LOVE THIS CAMERA. I'm no pro, and maybe my standards aren't super high, but I'm pleased with everything I've shot with it, in different lighting conditions. And no Photoshop afterwards! Looks great, straight out of the camera.

I spent roughly six days being driven around Tokyo, with a day trip to Nirasaki. I had no idea Tokyo had so many areas, with so much water channelling throughout it. When I lived there in high school, I only visited two places: Harajuku and Shibuya. (Every weekend, I'd take the Odakyu line from the American Army base in Camp Zama and get off at Yoyogi Stadium. My favorite station along the route was Tamagawagakuenmae. I still love saying it.) Being a fashion and music-obsessed teenager prevented me from having more exposure to Tokyo, but now - in my middle age - it's a whole new city to me. I'm looking forward to more visits and new adventures.

Here are some highlights from the week:


Cherry Blossoms along the canal in Naka-meguro:
DSC01962 DSC01963 DSC02005

Sashimi lunch in Tsukiji:
DSC02053 DSC02056

Hibiya Park:
DSC02067 DSC02069

Kiba Park:DSC02079 DSC02085 DSC02112


Private afternoon jazz concert at Mandala Jazz Club in Aoyama:

Double petal hellebore (!) in Icho Namiki:DSC02313

Library interior in Nirasaki:

View of the Alps and "sakura" in Yamanashi Prefecture:

This is Yuki-chan:DSC02353

This is what Yuki-chan's treats look like:DSC02356 DSC02367

Kitte Shopping Mall:

The Institute of France-Japan, designed by Junzo Sakakura (student of Le Corbusier) in 1951:DSC02414 DSC02434 DSC02438_corrected DSC02441

New friends, after our lunch in Odaiba:
DSC02447 DSC02449