HereWith's second project was an outing to Mt. Diablo State Park. We each packed tools to help us "make stuff." I took along a Super8 camera, Lomo LC-A and a Nikon F2. We didn't make any kind of itinerary, we just wanted to go up there and see what happened. It was one of those overcast and on-the-verge-of-raining kind of days, super cold and windy up at the top. We walked around a little, took some pictures, and drove down to a spot below the clouds and above the quickly approaching fog bank. I love those spots around a bend where two hillsides meet... sometimes there's a little creek, or an accumulation of rocks. We found such a spot, with lots of dried, long, matted-down grass and oaks scattered above. We created a narrative in our mind and just went with it.

At some point we are going to properly "process" what we made that day, but in the meantime here are some images: