I have a new niece, her name is Mika Hiroko. She was born small, but is working hard to get healthy & strong. I think I'm getting better as an "auntie" –  better at holding little babies, being open & receptive, being understanding with my little sisters who are now mothers now. It's trippy. I don't regret not being a mom myself, and am enjoying spending more time with Josh and our cats these summer days. We are making meals from our garden and making each other laugh, both good things.

I'm also enjoying the pace of these days, time seems to move a little slower, and I've been fortunate to work from home a little more. We have new neighbors up the street, neighbors that play magical loopful banjo tunes and the occasional shoegazery melody. As much as I wish we could move out of this neighborhood, I have to admit there's a vibrancy and soulfulness to it too, that I'd miss. We're hanging pretty tough here.

It's always a sad time of year for me though, the week after the Tour de France has ended. Not sure how I became so attached to those three weeks in July every year... sports in general is now my lifeline, my constant. There's always something to look forward to, and I feel comfort that millions of other people are also looking forward to the same things. It's the same feeling I'd get from hearing the sounds of late night television (M*A*S*H or Hawaii 5-0) coming from my parents' bedroom. I always felt safe knowing they were still up.