Creating compelling product stories, for a global audience.

As an Associate Creative Director in the Global Content Creation group, I lead and support a team of strategists, designers, developers and copywriters in creating premium content for the new, fully responsive Sony Electronics global website, which has launched in Europe and Latin America.

The site is built from a design system that was created by Odopod/Nurun. It is smart, elegant, and extensible. As content creators, we are given a large library of "modules" that we use to build pages, literally stacking modules on top of each other. Each module offers something different - some are just words and images, and others are more interactive, with sliders or hotspots, or 360° product spins, etc. This allows us to mix & match interactions, creating a variety of experiences across different pages. We are also able to build new modules, with our internal team of UX & visual designers and developers, so the possibilities are endless.

Typically, my team is given the assignment to create a page, or pages, that will communicate the story of a product, technology, or category. In the case of products, they are generally new products (yet to be released on the market), so oftentimes we will work directly with the Tokyo office to understand the product and figure out how to market it to a global audience. This task can be challenging, given the language/cultural/time differences, but it can also be a rewarding experience, since we are given the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the experience of building something together. In terms of product understanding, it's also extremely beneficial to work directly with those who conceived, engineered, and marketed that product.

After we've processed the briefing materials, the team figures out how to tell the story. This is usually a multi-step process: strategy + wireframes > visual design + copy > development > delivery. We continue to work with our Tokyo counterparts during this entire process, making sure that the experience we're crafting stays aligned to marketing materials that they are creating (brochures, point of sale displays, conference materials, etc.) and their overall product vision. Oftentimes we receive visual assets (images & video) from Tokyo, but, if we're lucky, we are asked to make them. In those instances I will work with a team of photographers/videographers and create the necessary assets for both the website and other marketing channels. A good example of this was the shoot I led for the Action Cam video camera, which we did in Hawaii with HMX. For this particular shoot we needed to capture video footage (of the product being used and POV footage from the product itself) and stills, with several models in different locations across the island of Oahu. One of the pieces that came out of the shoot was the "concept movie" for the product:

Action Cam 2013 Concept Movie >

Here are some of the pages my team has created:

A visual sampling of some of the things I helped create: