One of the things I've been enjoying most is hiking on Sundays with Josh. We are lucky enough to live in a place where big, open spaces are only a short drive away, and this spring we've discovered places we never knew existed.

Shell Ridge Open Space • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness  • Round Valley Regional Preserve • John Muir Historic Site

And other places we've revised:

Briones Regional Park • Redwood Regional Park • Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Here are some pictures from the past few months:

Shell Ridge Open Space:
20140511_ShellRidge01 20140511_ShellRidge02 20140511_ShellRidge03 20140511_ShellRidge04 20140511_ShellRidge05 20140511_ShellRidge06 20140511_ShellRidge07 20140511_ShellRidge08 20140511_ShellRidge09 20140511_ShellRidge10 20140511_ShellRidge11 20140511_ShellRidge13 20140511_ShellRidge14

Round Valley Regional Preserve:
20140518_RoundValley01 20140518_RoundValley02 20140518_RoundValley03 20140518_RoundValley04 20140518_RoundValley05 20140518_RoundValley06 20140518_RoundValley07 20140518_RoundValley08 20140518_RoundValley09 20140518_RoundValley10 20140518_RoundValley11 20140518_RoundValley13

Briones Regional Park:
20140316_Briones01 20140316_Briones02 20140316_Briones03 20140316_Briones04 20140316_Briones05 20140316_Briones06